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Raised bed gardening is a fun, creative, and efficient way to garden. If you are just getting started with this type of gardening, here are a couple tips to get you going in the right direction.

Tip #1 – To Purchase a Kit or Not?

There are many ready made kits on the market now to make building your bed quick, easy, and affordable. If you choose this route, do some research as some will vary in quality and features, not to mention in ease of assembly.

Tip #2 – Building Your Own

If you decide to build your own bed be sure you know the weight of the bed you intend to build once it has soil in it. The bigger the bed, the heavier it is with soil, and the more reinforcement you will need. If need be rebar can be placed at angles to the bed once assembled to give it side support, this is important in larger beds.

Tips #3 – Consider Size

When trying to decide what size to make your raised bed, be sure to consider what types of vegetables you will be planting. A 12 inch raised bed is sufficient for most root vegetables, lettuce and other leafy greens need even less space.

Raised bed gardening can be a great way to create a garden when space is limited. It is a fun, efficient, and easy to maintain way to exercise your green thumb. Hopefully these couple of tips will get you started on your own garden today.

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