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Salvia Mystic Spires Blue

Salvia Mystic Spires Blue


‘Mystic Spires Blue’, a perennial of the ‘Salvia’ family, is perfect for those who want to introduce vibrant and interesting wildlife to their garden in the summer.

When planted in the spring, Mystic Spires Blue boast long tendrils of beautiful, deep blue flowers, which prove very attractive for bees, a range of butterfly species and even the odd hummingbird.

In the right conditions, Mystic Spires Blue have been known to grow up to three or four feet tall and, as it is a fairly compact cultivar, it is an ideal plant for those with smaller backyards or plots.

Despite thriving best in full sun, Mystic Spires Blue are pretty hardy fellows; if cut halfway back in midsummer, and then again when it gets colder, they can make it through even the harshest of winters without too much trouble, freezing and then recovering soon afterwards.

The Mystic Spires Blue is semi-evergreen, harboring fragrant, dark blue blooms atop its sturdy stems long into fall. For those new to gardening, the Mystic Spires Blue is intuitive, in that it wilts a touch when thirsty.

Gardeners interested in pretty pollinators could do worse than bedding in one of these next spring.

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