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All orders are by mail-order only, we do not have on-site sales or pick-up.

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Our plants are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and all other items are shipped by the most economical method available. Yes, USPS is a government agency and yes they have some problems, but they provide a reasonable service price with transit times varied between 2-3 days to most destinations and deliver on Saturday at no extra cost. This gives the plants six possible delivery days per week as opposed to five days with other shipping options.

We ship Monday thru Friday and seldom have problems with damage or timely delivery after the packages leave the nursery. There are times when shipping does not go to plan and the plants arrive in less than ideal condition. Our plants survivability should be evident as soon as the box is opened. Please contact us within 24 hours of delivery with any concerns and we will make every effort to make the situation right with anyone that is willing to work with us.

We do not take pre-orders for items and ship as soon as possible after the order is placed. Our annual and vegetable plant inventory is usually March – June and September – November. All other nursery items – herbs, perennials, fruits, shrubs, and trees – are grown year round and inventory is updated as crops become available.



All of our plants are container grown and shipped in the pot. Pot sizes vary from 12.3 ounces to 3 gallons. Each plant will have its pot size listed.


2.68 qt – Potted Perennials and Fruits

16.9 oz – Potted Annuals, Perennials, Herbs and Vegetables

plant pots

19.5 oz – Potted Annuals and Perennials

12.3 oz – Potted Herbs and Vegetables

1 gallon – Potted Perennials and Shrubs

Plants are perishable and damage will occur. Some damage may not be sever and the plant will recover, however some damage may be detrimental to the plants survival. We guarantee that all plants will be true to name and damaged plants will be replaced or refunded if we are notified within 24 hours of delivery with photo by email.

This hydrangea lost part of its shipping label and never made it to its destination. It was returned to the nursery after 41 days in transit and still had green leaves.