In its broadest definition, a planter is a container for a plant. Some planters are stationary and may be built into the sides of buildings or other architectural features, but the majority are mobile.

The fact that the planter contains soil and water places certain constraints on its shape. For plants to be healthy, the water can’t just sit in the bottom of the container. It must go somewhere, and the challenge is to make sure that it only goes where you want. A planter must have an opening in the bottom for water to flow out, and if it is to be used indoors, some provision must be made for disposing of the water. For this reason, planters are generally used with some sort of tray or pan for catching the outflow, which may be attached to the planter or a separate piece.

A planter offers certain advantages, the most obvious of which is mobility. When plants are placed in the yard or a flower bed, moving them is a lot of trouble and generally not even contemplated. The mobile planter allows plants to be moved at the owner’s whim, perhaps switching them to different parts of the yard to catch maximum sun at all times of the year. In areas with harsh winters, planters allow owners to bring plants indoors.

Planters also function as a design element. They can have any color or design, and these can complement the shape and hue of the plants they contain. A planter can provide a splash of color or an interesting design, adding something new to a space.

Many planters are made of plastic, a material which addresses a couple of potential problems. Once again, the fact that the planter contains water presents issues. Metal planters may eventually corrode from the constant moisture, and wood can warp and finally rot. Plastic, however, presents none of these problems, and will remain attractive and usable for many years.

Cheap Gardening Pots Used For Those on a Budget

Gardening is also a hobby just like other hobbies. Garden pots can be availed in both the price brackets, cheap and expensive. An individual can choose which one to be kept in garden according to requirement and space. One can think of a good alternative by choosing cheap pots during financial hardships. Garden pots are the best option for people, who like to make their hands dirty.

Gardening pots is enjoyed by anyone, it does not matter how old or young you are, how much information one has about gardening, you do not have a garden and just do gardening in the window box. Gardening hobby has become very fashionable in America especially the window box option gardening style which has low maintenance with cheap garden pots. Cheap garden pots are very easy to maintain and they also create excitement within garden decor. It creates a natural sanctuary type decor in busy street, along with balconies and rooftops.

Cheap gardening pots are very easy to take care of; it just requires few gardening tips. One can have immense success, with enjoyable and pleasurable pastime with very little efforts.

The primary focus in gardening is to choose which gardening pot to use. Cheap gardening pots come with different sizes, shapes and colors. Apart from the market made ready made cheap pots, practically house hold things can also be used in gardening pots like, tubs, old sinks, buckets, shoes and barrels cut into half.

Before starting the process of your gardening, one should ensure that the soil is perfect which allows the plant to grow. Soil based composed should be used while planting into pots, ensure that some amount of moisture accumulates in the bottom and then make or drill one hole. The process remains the same for homemade or ready made cheap pots for gardening. A garden pot needs much more quantity of water than a huge area garden. The water dries up very fast in garden containers because of direct exposure to sunlight.

In cheap gardening pots the positive point is, one can choose its own place to keep the plant. Plant can be kept in a suitable area as per requirement, with the best growing conditions. Depending on the plant type, sunlight should be given to the plant. Some plants prefer shades wherein others need direct exposure to sunlight.

There are various types of cheap gardening pots used depending on the nature of the plant. Small individual containers pots are used for cultivation of herbs. Various types of varieties on strawberries can be grown in small cheap container pots by making small hole with even distribution. Small pots give a very dramatic and visual look with flowers.

Cheap gardening pots can also be gifted among friends and family as it works an inexpensive gift. Gardening pots work as a novel idea which will delight and surprise our friends and dear ones. Small attractive cheap baskets look really good in balconies. Container gardening is one of the versatile gardening practice, with fun filled experience and very easy to handle.