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Artemisia dracunculus, French Tarragon – 12oz Pot


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Product Description

  • True French Tarragon
  • Culinary Herb

French Tarragon is a aromatic culinary herb being used in both the kitchen and in landscaping. The leaves of this plant are what makes this plant popular throughout the world. Usually used chopped and sprinkled on dishes like fish, eggs, chicken, and much more. They are also used as whole sides in some areas. Plant Tarragons in flower beds with other herbs and flowers or in single pots to showcase their leaves.

Common Name

French Tarragon

Scientific Background: Tarragons are in the family of Asteraceae along with sunflowers. Connected to fields of chemistry and medical, this plant is also used for testing and also as medicines.

Scientific Name: Artemisia Dracunculus

Blooms/Foliage: These Tarragon plants are mainly non-flowering plants that grow tall and skinny.  They produce narrow leaves. These narrow leaves are bright green and can become as long as the stem. the narrow leaves and narrow stems and vines also cause this plant to have a slender foliage.

Hardiness Zones: This plant thrives in Europe, Asia, and North America, where it is warm and receives sunlight. In these areas, they thrive as wild or hand-grown plants.

Growth Habit: These plants are narrow plants that can reach heights of 12″-24″ while other Tarragons can grow to heights of 5′-6″. Their leaves are also narrow and are usually 2-8 centimeters. Some Tarragons produce flowers that have up to 40 florets, but French Tarragons do not produce many of these. Unlike other herbs, this plant does not spread underground nor does it propagate by seed.

Exposure: French Tarragons should be planted in areas that receive full sunlight but can also tolerate some shade.

Water: Provide an adequate amount of water but be sure not to give excessively. Plant in a well-draining soil.

Spread: Place these plants 2′-3′ feet apart for best air circulation and growth.

Soil: Tarragon plants should be planted in organic-rich soils so they can receive the proper nutrients to grow.

Potential Handling Dangers: No known dangers occur from this plant though it is known that estragole is one  of the substances in plants. The danger from this substance has been proven to be very minimal.

Potential Plant Dangers: Tarragon rust is common among these plants.

Helpful Tips

Some people also stem their tarragon sprigs in vinegar to make Tarragon vinegar which you can also add other herbs to. Do not dry with heat, instead dry in an air-conditioned room or outside and afterwards store in an airtight container away from sunlight. Propagated only by cuttings and not seed.

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