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This precious flower is one of the very best reblooming daylilies. Lightly fragrant, lemon yellow flowers open fully just above the relatively short clump of attractive green foliage. Blooms early in the daylily season and continues through the heat of summer into fall. Use in mass plantings or anywhere low maintenance perennials are needed. Daylilies are considered to have an easy care nature, which makes them a great beginner plant as well.

Common Name: Daylily

Scientific Background: Hemerocallis is in the family of Asphodelaceae, the subfamily Hemerocallidoideae. This flower is native to Asia.

Scientific Name: Hemerocallis

Blooms/Foliage: A perennial flowering plant, Daylilies are known for their beautiful flowers, and attractive foliage. As a perennial, they are planted as bibs, and produce long green leaves in late spring, which then give way to long stems of brightly colored lilies in early summer. Daylilies, as the name suggests, are known for having beautiful, but short-lived blooms, which often do not last for more than 24 hours. Coming in a variety of colors, from bright yellows, to oranges and pinks, these plants are enjoyed by many gardeners. The Going Bananas plant has a lovely arrangement of yellow flowers.

Hardiness Zones: Daylilies flourish in warm areas that receive lots of sunlight. These plants are known to grow in many states including Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Growth Habit: Daylilies are considered to have a perennial growing habit, which makes them great plants for containers, and gardens alike. Growing to a height of one to three feet once they reach maturity, they are a great addition to gardens that require height, and can be used to add depth and contrast to a large flowerbed.

Exposure: Daylilies should be given full sunlight and need bright light and to grow.

Water:  These plants require and adequate supply of water. They are not drought tolerant, and under watering can result in fewer blooms, and yellow foliage.

Spread: When planting, plant at intervals of 18-24 inches.

Soil: Daylilies work well in most types of soil including acidic, neutral, and alkaline. They enjoy a mixture of organic matter to get established, so it is recommended that you dig out an area where they will be planted and add compost if the area has poor soil. Once they have established, they can adapt and will survive in a poor soil environment.

Potential Handling Dangers: Daylilies can cause an allergic reaction if consumed and/or touched. They are sometimes considered as food in soe dishes in the West, but are not widespread.

Potential Plant Dangers; These plants are susceptible to bacterial soft rot, leaf streak, spring sickness, and other common diseases. These plants are also pest-resistant, hut do have some pests such as aphids and mites.

Helpful Tips: The plants die back in late summer or fall, once the flowers have finished, and can easily be cleaned up in the fall. The leaves dry out and wilt to the ground around the base of the plant and can easily be raked up or pulled away from the soil, leaving the bibs intact where they were planted. Daylily bibs multiply quickly, and can be dug out to be replanted easily, or can be left in the ground for the following year, resulting in a larger plant.

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