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Rubra Fennels are highly ornamental plants but are also used in some culinary cuisines and are just one of the many varieties of fennel. The leaves of this plant are used often to flavor sauces, in salads, soups, and on a variety of meats to add flavor to. When cooking, this plant’s seeds are often excluded from the list until they have turned brown or gray from green. Fennel seeds are not only used to flavor food, but also some natural kinds of toothpaste. Fenne;’s taste is often confused with the taste of the similar anise. Fennel is one of the main ingredients in absinthe, an alcoholic drink.

Common Name: Fennel

Scientific Background: Fennels are in the family of Apiaceae along with other plants which have hollow stems. The nutritional value of fennels includes a good source of protein, dietary fiber,  vitamin B and several dietary minerals, especially calcium, iron, magnesium, and manganese. Fennels are now grown the most in India.

Scientific Name: Foeniculum vulgare

Blooms/Foliage: Rubra Fennel has a beautiful foliage that consists of fine, bronze and purplish leaves. Fennel’s blooms produce bright yellow flowers that will surely catch gazing eyes. Fennel is also often used in remedies for coughing and can help with congestion in the respiratory system. Fennel has also been proven to help women with their symptoms during menstruation periods.

Hardiness Zones: Fennels have developed into a wild plant that grows freely throughout the areas of Europe, the United States, southern Canada, and much of Asia and Australia.

Growth Habit: Rubra Fennels are upright growing plants that grow up to 3′-4′ in height.

Exposure: This plant should be planted in areas that receive full and direct sun so it can receive enough energy for its fast-growing plant parts.

Water: These plants should be watered adequately to support their roots and leaves.

Spread: Allow ″15-20″ of space between plants when moving outside or planting as a seedling.

Soil: These plants should be planted in soils rich in organic matter.

Potential Handling Dangers: Rubra Fennels do not have any known harmful features.

Potential Plant Dangers: This plant is a food source for butterflies, larvae, and mouse moths which can all affect the production of this plant.

Helpful Tips: Some plants that look similar to this can be very poisonous and very dangerous so be sure to identify plants before consumption if picked in the wild to prevent eating the wrong plant.

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