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These Geranium plants are bright, cheerful, and very easy to grow and maintain! They come in a vast variety of flower colors and amazing flower scents. they are also called cranesbills or storksbills. These plants look great inside homes, flower bed, inside or outside containers, window boxes, and hanging baskets. You can use these as a border for other plants or mix them with others of their kind or different plants. Though these plants are thoroughly used as garden plants, they are also used for pharmaceutical purposes.

Common Name: Geranium

Scientific Background: Pelargonium, consists of more than 400 species of plants. This genus of plants originated in South America but traveled to England and soon America.

Scientific Name:  Pelargonium hortorum

Blooms/Foliage: These plants offer many lovely colors. The flowers of this mound are a light pink. They will surely brighten up your area. The leaves of this plant are serrated and have a kidney-like shape.

Hardiness Zones: Geraniums tend to grow in particularly sunny areas like those in temperate regions and also in tropical mountain ranges.

Growth Habit: Geraniums grow clusters of flowers which have 5 petals. They can grow anywhere from 6″ to 3′ in height, and up to 2′ in width.

Exposure: Geraniums love sunlight and work best when exposed to a lot of it! When they receive a lot of sunlight geraniums tend to bloom more. At least six hours of direct sunlight is suggested for geraniums, but if you live in climates with temperatures that regularly reach over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, geraniums should be planted in part shade.

Water: Make sure you water your plant throughout, keeping the soil moist, but making sure you do not overwater.

Spread: When planting, geraniums should be spread 6″ to 2′ apart.

Soil: Planting in rich soil is best for geranium growing. Adding compost will further help your plant give you the look you desire. If planting in pots, use container potting mix.

Potential Handling Dangers: Some people, when in skin contact with this plant, may develop a minor skin irritation, but most people do not have this problem.

Potential Plant Dangers:  Geraniums can be prone to fungal disease from too much moisture and/or humidity. Geraniums have also been found to become infested with caterpillars, whiteflies, aphids and mites.

Helpful Tips: Add compost to your plants to help with their growing process in flower beds or pots.

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