Hydrangea, Incrediball – 1 Gallon Pot

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  • Rather Easy to Grow
  • Large White Blooms
  • Also Excellent for Shade or Filtered Sun

These hydrangea beauties are a great choice for your garden, yard, or container. They make a great cut flower, fresh or dried, used for decorating or in wreaths and other items. This plant is also a hardy selection that blooms reliably even in cold climates. The Incrediball Hydrangea is perfect for you especially if you don’t consider yourself as one who is  good with plants or have no experience with them. They require low maintenance and can grow pretty much anywhere. Incrediball Hydrangea is a fantastic plant from the Proven Winners collection.

Common Name: Incrediball Hydrangea

Scientific Background: These plants are in the family of Hydrangeaceae and the genus of Hydrangea.

Scientific Name:  Hydrangea Macrophylla

Blooms/Foliage: This type of Hydrangea has blooms that emerge pearly white. They have large, full flower heads and strong stems. The lovely white and pink blooms hang above a lovely green foliage.

Hardiness Zones: Native to North America, Hydrangeas are a  hardy selection that blooms reliably even in cold climates. Known growing regions for this plant are New Lisbon and Wisconsin. Also excellent for native woodland garden.

Growth Habit: This plant grows to an amazing height of 48″-60″ and to a width of 48″-60″, making it great for large spaces. Massive white flowers with 12″ blooms all summer.

Exposure: This lovely plant has a liking tolerance to sun, thriving best when planted in areas that receive partial to full sunlight. We suggest planting this plant in a bright, open space for best growth, particularly your front yard to add a nice touch of beauty.

Water: This plant needs an average amount of water to support its bold leaves and beautiful flowers.

Spread: The recommended measurement for spreading Hydrangeas is 60″-72″.

Soil: Hydrangeas flourish best in pretty much any soil. Hydrangeas’ colors are affected by the soil that they are planted in. An acidic soil, soil with a pH level below seven, will usually produce flower color closer to blue, whereas an alkaline soil, soil with a pH level above seven, will produce flowers more pink.

Potential Handling Dangers: Hydrangea plants have parts that are poisonous if ingested.

Potential Plant Dangers: Dangers that threaten your fabulous Hydrangea plants are pests such as Aphids, Japanese Beetles, Spider mites, and diseases such as Anthracnose, Powdery Mildew, and Rust.

Helpful Tips: 

This plant has many uses including being used as a border plant, container plant, cut flower, dried flower, landscaping, mass planting and is also good for use as a screening plant. If desired, fertilizing this plant with a fertilizer that works well with roses will boost this flower’s growth and performance.

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2 reviews for Hydrangea, Incrediball – 1 Gallon Pot

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Got this plant last year and it has survived in Ohio.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Has doubled in size in the past 2 weeks.

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