Impatiens, Sunpatien Compact Red – 12oz Pot

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These Impatiens are a great choice for beginner or expert gardeners! They are very easy to grow and they thrive under heat, humidity, rain or shine and bloom nonstop, spring through frost. Impatiens are called many different terms and those are jewelweed, balsams, touch-me-not, snapweed, and patience. They are also downy mildew resistant. These beauties come in a variety of bright and vibrant colors! Mix these flowers with others of their kind or other types of flowers to make a beautiful display, centerpiece, landscape, or just to decorate a little! They also attract beautiful hummingbirds!

Common Name: Impatiens

Scientific Background: These flowers are in the genus of Impatiens, which is the genus of many different species. Impatiens and Hydroceras make up the family of  Balsaminaceae. The name of these colorful flowers ,Impatiens, was derived from the flower’s habit of seed dispersing. This habit includes where the flowers disperse their seeds under very little pressure, which is why some may compare ‘Impatien’ to “Impatient’.

Scientific Name:  Impatiens  Balsaminaceae

Blooms/Foliage: Impatiens, Sunpatiens have a very delightful bloom. Their petals sport very lively and cheerful colors. This flower’s petals have a deep, rich red color. They are very lovely and brightens up any dark and shady space. Their leaves are oval-shaped with a ridged edge.

Hardiness Zones: These plants are very common in temperate regions like the continents Asia, Africa, and North America. They flourished in these areas because of the amount of sunlight and precipitation they receive.

Growth Habit: Impatiens can grow up to 24″ to 36” and can spread out to variable widths.

Exposure: These flowers like various amounts of sun, ranging from none to partial to full.

Water: Impatiens Sunpatiens enjoy to stay moist with well-draining soil, so water regularly.

Spread: Impatiens need to be planted 12”-18” apart, and can vary depending on what you plant the flowers in.

Soil: Impatiens like to be planted in rich, loose soil. Potting soil is one suggestion for planting Impatiens in.

Potential Handling Dangers: Impatiens are not known to cause any trouble to humans, but have been discovered to help skin irritations like posion ivy with the substance in their stems.

Potential Plant Dangers: Spider mites, thrips, mealybugs and aphids are insects that commonly damage Impatiens. Root rot is also a common problem with Impatiens. Alternaria Leaf Spot is one disease that threatens some Impatiens.

Helpful Tips: Fertilizing is optional, but if you decide to use fertilizer, a general purpose fertilizer is suggested.

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