Lysmachia, Creeping Jenny – 12oz Pot

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  • Relatively easy to grow
  • Also loves sun or shade

Lysmachia (Lysimachia nummularia) is a low-growing ground cover that thrives in moist soil. This herbaceous perennial plant is commonly called creeping Jenny or moneywort, and is a member of the primulaceae family. Hardy in USDA growing zones 3-9, lysmachia is a perfect addition to a rain garden, water garden or any low-lying outdoor location where the soil stays damp.

Planting Location

Lysmachia enjoys keeping its feet (roots) in the water and head in the sun. However, this hardy plant will grow in the shade as long as the soil stays moist at all times. Plant roots are shallow, so it grows well in rocky soil. Its low-growing, spreading growth habits and need for water make is a perfect choice to plant in a location that receives rain runoff. Spread a layer of gravel on the soil to prevent erosion, then tuck in creeping Jenny among the rocks and the plant will soon cover the rocks and help absorb the excess water. Lysmachia will help transform a damp, unusable landscape area into an attractive, eco-friendly area. This hardy ground cover will tolerate light foot traffic and will naturalize when planted in an area and left undisturbed.

Bloom Time

Creeping Jenny will produce showy yellow flowers in June. Cup-shaped blooms will be almost one inch in diameter. Foliage will be pale yellow on plants grown in full sun, lime green on plants grown mostly shaded areas. Leaves are almost one inch in diameter too, perfectly round with ruffled edges that provide architectural interest year around.

Growing and Spreading Habits

The plant grows quickly and will form a dense ground-covering mat that will be 2-4 inches tall.  Roots where leaf nodes come in contact with the soil and will form a large colony under the right growing conditions. Plants can become invasive when it’s extremely happy in its environment, less invasive if grown in poor, somewhat dry soils.

The perennial ground cover can be thinned out and kept in check to prevent it from becoming invasive.

Disease and Pests

Lysimachia is susceptible to rust and leaf spots. Plants should be closely monitored and plants that have visible spots should be removed and discarded to avoid unwanted spread of disease.

Pests are not a problem for creeping Jenny, the plant lives long and thrives without being devoured by any type of pests, including deer.

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