Mentha piperita, Chocolate Mint – 12oz Pot

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Chocolate Mint is a herb that is a cultivar of peppermint. Its leaves are used for both their fragrant and culinary properties. The plant’s leaves have a light aromatic quality of chocolate as does their culinary use. It also has a taste that strongly resembles peppermint. Chocolate Mint leaves are used widely in desserts, specifically chocolate desserts,  but also used in other foods such as types of breakfast bread and drinks such as tea. Aside from its fragrant and culinary uses, Chocolate Mint plants are also used in ornamental plants and look great in pots. Chocolate Mint plants are great plants to use for groundcover.

Common Name: Chocolate Mint

Scientific Background: Chocolate Mint, or Mentha Piperita, plants are in the genus of Mentha and in the family of Lamiaceae. This plants’ leaves also have medicinal properties.

Scientific Name: Mentha Piperita

Blooms/Foliage: This type of mint plant produces small lilac flowers that open from bottom to top and provide great contrast from the brown-toned green foliage. The bottom bracts of the plant will soon drop their flowers while the tips will continue to flower. This plant has deep reddish-purple stems with lightly serrated leaves that grow in opposite pairs.

Hardiness Zones: Chocolate Mints thrive in warm, wet areas.

Growth Habit: This type of mint is a low-growing plant that reaches heights of 1′-2′ and widths of 1′-2′. This a spreading plant that should not be planted with many other plants as it may overpower or become overpowered.

Exposure: Chocolate mint plants should be planted in areas that receive partial to full sunlight. Sunlight is a big factor in determining Chocolate Mint plants’ leaves color.

Water: Provide a medium to a large amount of water depending on your garden’s climate. Do not allow this plant to become dry.

Spread: Allow 1′-2′ of space between each plant to allow room for growth and spreading of the plant.

Soil: This plant should be planted in moist, nutrient-rich soils.

Potential Handling Dangers: Chocolate Mint plants does not generally cause any problems through contact.

Potential Plant Dangers: Chocolate Mint plants have no serious threats caused by insects or other pests. This plant also does not have any serious disease threats.

Helpful Tips: Chocolate Mint plants also attract bees and butterflies. To prevent the potential spreading of this plant, tuck it in a pot when planting in a garden with other plants. It also helps to aid your soil with organic matter. Harvest leaves individually or clip leafy stems.

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