Mentha requienii, Corsican Mint – 12oz Pot

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  • Rather Easy to Grow
  • Loves Shade or Filtered Sun
  • Also is Aromatic
  • And Grows Low to the Ground

Corsican Mint is easy to grow, and is a great addition to areas of the garden with high traffic. Because of the plants ability to withstand being stepped on, and its strong aroma that it gives off when it is traveled over. You can also choose to plant in pots or containers, as Corsican Mint is a great fit for container gardening. Corsican Mint is a perennial herb that is as showy as it is aromatic.

Common Name: Corsican Mint

Scientific Background: Corsican Mint plants are in the genus of Mentha and in the family of Lamiaceae. The

Scientific Name: Mentha Requienii

Blooms/Foliage: Leaves of the Corsican Mint plant are small and oval shaped, with a dark green color. They are also used in some antiseptic medicine. Plants produce rather small pink blooms.

Hardiness Zones: Corsican Mint is a plant that grows natively in Corsica, Sardinia, and continental Italy. In the U.S. this plant is popular and can grow in all States.

Growth Habit: It is a low-growing herb with a spreading habit and grows only to a height of 1″-5″ and 6″-12″ wide. It is often favored for its ability to quickly cover, cascading and flooding over obstacles and ledges in its path. Trim back any dead parts of the plant. Also trim back lightly in the fall to encourage new growth the following spring.

Exposure: In order to grow your own Corsican Mint, you need an area of a garden that receives filtered sun.

Water: Allow plants to dry before watering again, but do not allow to stay dry for long periods of time because Corsican Mint plants are drought-sensitive. Reduce the watering during winter months, as herbs generally do not enjoy being over watered.

Spread: Allow 3″-6″ of space in between each Corsican Mint plant.

Soil: Plant your Corsican mint in soil loose enough to drain properly and not contain too much organic matter or clay.

Potential Handling Dangers: Handling of Corsican Mint plants may cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation.

Potential Plant Dangers: This plant does not have any serious threats but is considered to be an invasive plant.

Helpful Tips:

Roots of the Corsican Mint plant must not be left to stand in any excess water so it is important to place it in an area that will drain quickly after rain or watering. Planting the Corsican Mint near the edge of a planter will allow it to drape and cascade over the sides giving a dramatic look. Use this plant to aid with pest problems as rodents do not like the smell of the plant.

*** Corsican Mint is difficult to ship and is very sensitive to environmental changes. Please follow instructions with package to initiate a claim for replacement.

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