Salvia longispicata x farinacea, Mystic Spires Blue


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  • 4.25 in. (19.5 fl. oz.) Potted Plant
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The garden performance of Salvia is well known. They are anchors of many landscapes north and south. This plant is also called ‘mealycup sage’ or ‘mealy sage’. The growth habit is more stout than Salvia farinacea, making them more presentable in the landscape. Full, branching plants come into bloom quickly and display rich color well into late summer. This plant adds a great look to flower beds or other places you may put them. This plant gives off a delightful scent of sage. They also attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Scientific Name:  Salvia longispicata x farinacea

Scientific Background: In the genus of Salvia, or sage,  this plant is in the family of Lamiaceae. This family, also including the mint plants, are widely used around the world. This is also popular for its uncommon pollination mechanism, consisting of only two stamens instead of four, unlike other pants. There have been many variations of Salvia found since it was first discovered.

Growth Habit: With proper care, this plant will grow up to 24? tall and spread upto 24″.

Potential Plant Dangers: Salvia is known to develop fungal diseases and pests, such as spider mites.

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1, 15, 3, 9


4.25 in. (19.5 fl. oz.) Potted Plant