Selaginella kraussiana, Golden Club Moss


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A very vigorous tropical club moss with golden leaves. Great for terrariums and other succulent planters. Golden Club Moss will creep across the soil surface forming a dense mat 2-5″ tall. Can be kept small, miniature with pruning. Will grow best with high humidity, warm temperatures and slightly moist soil. Plants will also grow well in low light conditions.

Close cousins to the true ferns, Golden Club Moss forms a low creeping mat of feathery leaves. Plants prefer a rich, moist to wet soil and shady conditions. This selection has leaves of bright chartreuse yellow, making a beautiful carpet that lends itself to creating all kinds of interesting contrasts in the garden or in containers. Stems may root into the ground near the tips, and new plants can be started from these. In Zones 6 and below Golden Club Moss is best overwintered in a container indoors. Adapts well to terrariums. Slugs love Golden Club Moss, so plan to control them in some way.

Growing Tips for Golden Club Moss

  • Light – Indirect; no direct sunlight
  • Water – Slightly moist soil without over watering
  • Humidity – High; above 50%
  • Temperature – 65+°F
  • Soil – Peat and high perlite mix or other well draining mix
  • Fertilizer – Small amounts of balanced liquid fertilizer diluted in half


  • Brown, shriveled leaves are the result of dry air or soil has dried out too much.

History of Club Moss

Club moss is a primitive plant whose origin originates in the mainlands of Africa. Being an invasive plant, it can often be found in parts of the United Kingdom, Ireland as well as New Zealand due to unnatural cultivation. The natural habitat Club moss thrives in is damp, shaded forest or woodland type environments. Being a hardy plant, this Selaginella species can survive in temperatures as low as the 40s but prefers to be in the 70 degrees Fahrenheit range.

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1, 15, 3, 9


2 in. (3 fl.oz.) Potted Plant


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