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Arugula Rockets are plants that you can relate to spinach or other leaves. You can saute or steam this plant’s leaves for a delicious, robust, peppery flavor. These plants have the best flavor when eaten fresh from the garden. Arugula is a food that is very low in calories and rich in vitamins minerals, and folates. This plant is now used worldwide in man different dishes and foods.

Common Name: Salad Rocket/Garden Rocket/Rocket/Rucola/Rucoli/Rugula/Colewort/Roquette/Arugula/Eruca

Scientific Background: This plant has an origin that belongs in Europe and Asia, specifically in France and Italy.   Substances in this plant have also been known to protect people against skin, lung, colon, and oral cavity cancers. This plant has now develpoed into a plant that grows vastly in the wild.

Scientific Name: Eruca Sativa

Blooms/Foliage: This plant has a foliage that consists of green, frilly leaves. The flowers that may bloom from this plant are small and white. As this plant matures, its leaves also grow to a tubular shape.

Hardiness Zones: This plant grows best in cooler areas with plentiful of sunlight and moisture.

Growth Habit: Arugula Rockets are plants that grow fast and can grow to heights of 12″-36″ and can also reach widths of up to 12″14″.

Exposure: Rockets should be planted in areas of full sun or partial shade but should not be allowed to get too hot because excessive heat can potentially damage the plant.

Water: This plant should be watered regularly as it likes an ample amount of water with well-draining soil.

Spread: These plants should be spaced apart 12″-18″ apart.

Soil: Rockets should be planted in a firm, fine soil.

Potential Handling Dangers: Arugulas do not cause harm to people other than minor skin irritation when harvesting. This plant can also

Potential Plant Dangers: Flea beetles, moth larvae, and nematodes are common pests with Arugulas. These pest problems can be easily helped with floating row covers.

Helpful Tips: If leaves start to taste strong, you can pull up the plant and start anew. The flowers may also be placed in salads adding a dash of color. The more you harvest, the more motivated the plant will be to start new production. Signs of flowering are signals to the end of your Arugula season. To store these plants’ leaves, do the same as with other leafy greens, put them in your refrigerator’s vegetable section at maximum humidity. This plant’s nutritional value also aids in exercising benefits.

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