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SunPatiens are a great choice for growing in full sun or shade! They were bred by the Japanese seed company, Sakata. They are a hybrid impatien bred from the combination of wild “traditional” impatiens and larger heat-loving Impatiens hawkeri, native to New Guinea. This new cross between these two different plant breeds was created to have improved traits. With an emphasis on heat tolerance for warmer regions where summers can get hot!

Heat and humidity won’t stop SunPatien flowers from blooming its head off in your garden. Grow SunPatien colors in a sunny, partly shaded, or shaded spot with rich, well-drained soil.

Sunpatiens Compact Tropical Rose

Growing sunpatiens plant is very easy and low maintenance. They do require a lot of water and an automatic irrigation system is nice to have. But will tolerate drying out and bounce back quick after watering. Fertilize at least once every two weeks. Too much fertilizer can make the plants grow too fast, become floppy and not stand up without support. It will also reduce blooming and the foliage will begin to grow in a crinkly form. They will continue to bloom until a heavy frost takes them out.

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Sunpatien Videos and FAQ

Do SunPatiens come back every year?

Sunpatiens are grown as an annual and need to be replanted each year.

Do SunPatiens take full sun or shade?

Sunpatiens love and thrive in full sun. They will require more water but will perform well. In shade, they will not bloom as much as they would in full sun. They will still outperform other shade annuals.

Do Impatiens Sunpatiens seeds exist?

They do not grow from seeds. Be wary of any website selling seeds of sunpatiens.

Do Sunpatiens in Containers grow well?

The plants will dry out quicker in containers than in the ground. But they do perform well in containers if enough water can be provided.