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  • Crazytunia Petunia
    Crazytunias are multi-branching, fast growing petunias with self-cleaning flowers. The crazytunia series is from German breeder Westhoff. Over the years it has become an impressive collection of unique petunias with exciting flower colors and patterns. Uniform water management is important; avoid plants standing in water or over watering. Allow media to dry between watering. Avoid […]
  • Wave Petunia
    Wave petunias come in several different forms. The original wave series grows wide and not too tall. Easy wave and the new E3 wave has a mounded, spreading growth habit. Tidal wave series are huge mounded plants. Then there’s the shock wave series that has a mounded, spreading growth habit and small blooms. Wave petunia […]
  • Growing Succulent Plants
    Light Growing succulent plants benefit from getting a few hours of sun. Put succulents outdoors during morning hours, gradually increasing their exposure to direct sunlight over several days or weeks until they’re used to full sun exposure. You can also place succulents into an area that receives indirect light all day long. This will allow […]
  • Trends in Garden Design
    Gardening is all about making you happy. We get it! And the best thing about gardening is that no one can tell you what to do in your own backyard, but we still want to share some trends with you for inspiration. Here are our top three trends in garden design: Intentionality – Considering how […]