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  • Oregano Garden Remedies
    Oregano is an amazing herb, and definitely one that everyone should have growing in their backyard herb garden. With dozens of uses in the kitchen, oregano is an essential plant for culinary and medicinal herb gardens. Grow from cuttings if you have some oregano planted already. Otherwise, you can purchaseRead more ⟶
  • How to Build a Raised Garden Bed
    Elevated garden beds are excellent for yards with poor or compacted soil. Not only do they look stunning in a backyard garden, they also ease the workload that comes with maintaining traditional, in-ground beds. Plants are lifted out of the way of rowdy pets and little ones, and your soilRead more ⟶
  • Variegated Monstera Deliciosa Plant
    The coveted variegated monstera is one of the hottest rare plants for 2020! The iconic split leaves of the Monstera deliciosa are unmistakable, except rather than green, this plant’s foliage is either partially or entirely hypnotic white. It’s a plant commonly referred to as the Variegated Monstera, and though picturesRead more ⟶
  • Monstera deliciosa & adansonii
    Monstera are species of evergreen tropical vines/shrubs that are native to Central America. Monsteras are famous for their natural leaf-holes, and has led to the rise of its nickname, Swiss Cheese Plant. Two different species of Monstera are cultivated as houseplants – Monstera deliciosa and Monstera adansonii. There is alsoRead more ⟶