• 5 Acidity Fighting Remedies From Your Kitchen and Herb Garden
    Acidity or heartburn is known to not spare anybody from its claws. Most of the adults suffer from it during some point in their lives. Acidity is caused when there is an over-production of acid in the stomach. It is the main cause of stomach ulcers, bad breath, stomach ache, nausea etc. It leaves an […]
  • Chia Herb Garden Exposed
    That’s right, you remember… they’re still around and now the chia herb garden is rapidly increasing in popularity.  Like the chia pets, the herb garden version of chia grows quickly when the gardener applies moistened seeds of chia (scientifically known as Salvia hispanica) to the specially designed pot along with a sponge. In approximately four […]
  • Decorating and Gardening Converge With Planter Boxes and Pots
    1. Practical Matters Some of the main reasons that stand out are as follows. Containers can be moved as most appropriate and needed; some are even on wheels, and they come in all sizes. Furthermore, they are increasingly made of sturdy lightweight modern materials. Best of all you can readily move them away from areas […]
  • Homemade Pesticide Recipes
    How would you like to know a few homemade pesticide recipes that are not only safe, but will cost you next to nothing? It’s still possible to keep your garden free from pests without toxins and harmful chemicals. Most chemical pesticides are toxic to humans as well as pets and small animals that may enter […]