July 2021

Chia Herb Garden Exposed

That’s right, you remember… they’re still around and now the chia herb garden is rapidly increasing in popularity.  Like the chia pets, the herb garden version of chia grows quickly when the gardener applies moistened seeds of chia (scientifically known as Salvia hispanica) to the specially designed pot along with… Read More »Chia Herb Garden Exposed

homemade insecticide

Homemade Pesticide Recipes

How would you like to know a few homemade pesticide recipes that are not only safe, but will cost you next to nothing? It’s still possible to keep your garden free from pests without toxins and harmful chemicals. Most chemical pesticides are toxic to humans as well as pets and… Read More »Homemade Pesticide Recipes

birria recipe

Birria Recipe

Birria is authentic and addicting and will be leaving you asking for more. It is traditionally made with lamb meat, but it is common for people to use beef today since it is more affordable and easier to find throughout Mexico and the United States. Birria has gained international fame,… Read More »Birria Recipe

Designing a Formal Garden

In this article we will discuss how to design a strictly formal garden on a large, rectangular area. Designing formal garden needs a little bit of hard work on your behalf. You have to keep all the main points and area in mind while designing a layout. It is said… Read More »Designing a Formal Garden