1. Practical Matters

Some of the main reasons that stand out are as follows. Containers can be moved as most appropriate and needed; some are even on wheels, and they come in all sizes. Furthermore, they are increasingly made of sturdy lightweight modern materials. Best of all you can readily move them away from areas prone to deer and other hungry animals and place your plants in a protected spot, like a deck, patio, screened porch or even indoors. Rex Begonia make great additions to container planters.

You can avoid the need for fencing in some cases. You can move the planters according to the amount of sunlight needed. You gain flexibility of all sorts, such as planting flowers in window boxes and on railings or walls. You can easily keep changing your decor.

2. Beautifying the Outdoors of Homes

Choosing containers is a wonderful way to express your personal tastes. You can use contemporary, traditional, eclectic or contrasting styles to make a statement. This will be recognized by visitors the moment they step up to your home. This can be done by decorating the mail box, having large planters by the driveway and at the entrance of your home.

My favorite spot at my home is my deck that I surrounded with azaleas and ground covers, and on the deck I had colorful flowers that would have been eaten had they been outdoors and unprotected by fencing except for the large azaleas. One of the flowers I could and did plant, however, without the deer eating them were lambs ears, lavender. Some ferns survived also.

In the gardens of row houses and town homes, I marvel these days at how owners and renters have transformed small spaces by the very clever artistic use of planter boxes and a variety of pots some made from old objects they happened to have. These features often fit in well with decorative stepping stones or small raised garden beds. The raised beds make the task much easier both for establishing a proper soil with less digging and to reach everywhere for keeping the area tidy and lovely. In that way. they resemble planters and pots.

3. Spiffing Up the Indoors of Homes and Apartments

In large open spaces, usually inside contemporary homes, very large planters are sometimes used beautifully as dividers to separate living sections for beauty and privacy while maintaining an open airy feeling.

The trend in kitchens is for them to be open to the living areas. This fact makes people all the more interested in incorporating pots for both herbs and for plants and flowers to beautify their space and improve the air quality. There are many attractive and whimsical planters and stands for use indoors as well as outdoors.

House guests always appreciate a small plant or vase with flowers in the bedroom or in the bathroom. After all, bathrooms, like kitchens, have become a place that is important for relaxing and for the eyes to feast upon. I find that for bathrooms small plants or vases usually work best, but of course it all depends on the size of the space and your taste.

These are some highlights on the topic. In conclusion, it should now be increasingly evident why decorating and gardening are facilitated and enhanced by planters, pots and vases that are to your liking.