Choose The Right Outdoor Planters For Easy Gardening

Taking care of our plants and flowers is not very easy for most of us especially for those who have busy lifestyles. Gardening may be last in their priorities. So for those who love to garden but doesn’t have much time, the best way to take care of our plants is to choose the right […]

Muscovy Ducks to Help Manage Pest for Your Property, Garden and Blueberry Patch

The Muscovy duck has been selectively bred for hundreds of years. It is often a good option for little farms and Gardens to help manage pest. Muscovies are distinctive, the only ducks that did not descend from mallards. They are South American natives. The initial name was “Musco” duck because they were voracious eaters of […]

Don’t Bug Me – Telling The Difference Between Harmful and Helpful Insects

There is a certain order in nature that should be maintained to make the lifecycle in the ecosystem continuous. This sense of order also applies in your garden, and the crucial factors would be your plants and insects surrounding them. That’s why telling the difference between harmful and helpful insects is important. Garden Wars: Knowing […]

Black Flowers For Your Garden – 10 Almost Black Flowers

Black rose and black tulip has always been the dream of gardeners. We haven’t reached that dream yet, but we are getting closer. Flowers we call black, are actually very, very dark red or purple flowers, so dark they appear black to us. If you are like me, and want some black flowers in your […]