The Muscovy duck has been selectively bred for hundreds of years. It is often a good option for little farms and Gardens to help manage pest. Muscovies are distinctive, the only ducks that did not descend from mallards. They are South American natives. The initial name was “Musco” duck because they were voracious eaters of mosquitoes. Muscovies come in a number of colors. The most numerous commercial variety is probably the white. Muscovies. They are relatively good fliers.

They will roost in trees and they will also roost on “perches” or “roosts,” at night if available.Muscovy duck can live as free range and while they can fly, they just fly around will not fly away and leave the property. In fact our Muscovy ducks hardly ever fly. Muscovy ducks do not make as much noise as other ducks.

Use Muscovy Ducks as pest controllers

Muscovy Ducks do an awesome job at controlling mosquitoes and flies. They will eat all sorts of bugs, the black widow and the deadly brown spider, Japanese beetles, maggots, grasshoppers, mosquitoes, mosquito maggot, slugs, snails and everything else that crawls, creeps, or flies. They also make a quick food out of mice, snakes, wasps, and hornets. They love to eat roaches and will eat them voraciously. They consume every bug they observe including ants. One of the things that make them very valuable is that they love spiders. They will even eat poisonous ones including the deadly brown and the Black Widow spider. They will go under things such as picnic tables and get up in the corners and crevices and eat the bugs, spiders, and other insects.

Their bug eating activities help reduce problems with bugs when working in the blueberry field or garden. Using Muscovy also helps eliminate the need to purchase chemicals for pest control to keep pests down. This can help in raising a pesticide free blueberries and vegetables.

Muscovy Ducks are Easy to raise

They’re inexpensive and trouble-free: Muscovies reproduce well. They are very good foragers, they grow quick and they rarely get sick. They will eat what the other animals leave or spill. They are good mothers. Muscovy Ducks also are very useful on farms where you have other animals because they eat any the excess food left by other animals. This helps reduce rats because there is no excess food lying around that can attract rats. They will also eat the spare food from the chickens or other animals.

Meat and eggs of Muscovies

They are really efficient for meat production. Muscovy breast is the size of a steak; you wouldn’t deduce it was duck without knowing. The meat is lean when compared to the fatty meat of ducks of mallard decent. Its leanness and tenderness is often compared to veal. The meat of Muscovy ducks is one of the healthiest meats you can purchase or grow. It is 98% or greater fat-free. Some people declare that the breast of a Muscovy duck taste like a Sirloin steak. It is sometimes made into “hamburger”. Persons requiring a low-fat diet use it. The meat is great tasting and very nutritious. Being a very lean meat it is not greasy like that of other ducks.

Muscovy eggs are tasty and are used in many dishes. They are considered a delicacy. Muscovy ducks can lay as many as almost 200 eggs a year. This can provide plenty of eggs for you to eat. They will nest three or four times a year and hatch up to 20 ducklings a time.