Heuchera, Georgia Peach – 1.25 Quart Pot

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Heuchera plants are a delightful beauty. Their foliages all have very nice colors to them and make them perfect for any spot. Heuchera plants are also called Coral Bells or Alumroot. Their precious blooms bloom all summer long. These beautiful plants look well with a variety of other plants, including ornamental grasses and other low-growing plants. Their blooms attract hummingbirds so leave the blooms instead of cutting them off for an additional pleasure. These plants are great in containers, flower beds, and pots.

Common Name: Coral Bells

Scientific Background: The perennials, Heucheras, are native to North America and can be found in a variety of different types and colors. The genus in which Heuchera plants are in, Heuchera, was named after a medicinal plant specialist, Johann Heinrich von Heucher. Heucheras are in the family of Saxifragaceae, along with Bergenia, Pectiantia, and others. There are approximately 37 known species of Heuchera plants.

Scientific Name:  Heuchera Sanguinea

Blooms/Foliage: In its foliage, Heuchera plants’ leaves can vary. The vast variations sport fringed or round leaves. The Georgia Peach features round leaves with lovely, peach leaves with a silvery glossy topping. When the blooms of this plant appear they show bell-shaped flowers with snowy white colors.

Hardiness Zones: Native to all over North America, Heuchera plants can grow anywhere that the plants, Hostas, can grow.

Growth Habit: These plant’s foliage can grow up to 12″-18″ tall and up to 12″-18″ wide. It’s flower stalks can grow up to 1′-3′ tall.

Exposure: This perennial plant needs partial to full sunlight to perform as expected, but too much heat and sun can cause the plant’s color to fade and leaves to scorch.

Water: Water a medium amount, because Heucheras like enough water to keep their soil moist, but allowing the plants to dry occasionally.

Spread: The recommended measurement for spreading Heucheras are 12-15″.

Soil: Heuchera plants grow very well in organic-rich soil and also in alkaline soil.

Potential Handling Dangers: Heuchera plants have been known to cause minor skin irritation.

Potential Plant Dangers: Japanese Beetles, weevils, and mites are threats to Heuchera plants, along with the diseases, bacterial leaf spot, and gray mold. Insects are not the only animal threats to Heucheras, deer, groundhogs, and other four-legged friends also like to feed on Heucheras. Also, planters should avoid frost if moving plants from inside to outside.

Helpful Tips: We suggest to fertilize these plants every four to five months and to dead-head plants to make blooming last longer.

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