Olive Tree, Arbequina


  • 4 in. (16.9 fl. oz.) Potted Plant
  • 6 in. (2.68 qt.) Potted Plant
  • 1-2' ft. Tall
  • 2-3' ft. Tall
  • 6"-12" inches Tall
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Arbequina Olive Trees
Most popular olive tree because of their rich flavor and antioxidant oil. Harvest olives for healthy salads or home-made olive oil. We propagate with branch cuttings which allow an earlier harvest than trees grown from seed. Our olive trees are grown and shipped in containers with roots intact. Container trees recover from shipping and transplant shock quicker than bare root trees.
Arbequina olive trees adapt well to different climates. And seldom have pest or disease problems. Grow outdoors in climates that rarely see below freezing temperatures. Blocking trees from northern winds can be beneficial. Trees can be container grown and moved indoors during winter months in more harsh climates. Arbequina can also be grown indoors year-round as a houseplant, without fruiting. Also consider using them as bonsai specimens.
Olive trees are semi-deciduous and will drop their leaves in extreme cold. Arbequinas are self-pollinating and do not require more than one plant to produce fruit. Furthermore yields can be improved with pollination from multiple trees.

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4 in. (16.9 fl. oz.) Potted Plant, 6 in. (2.68 qt.) Potted Plant


1-2' ft. Tall, 2-3' ft. Tall, 6"-12" inches Tall