Why do you not offer free shipping?

There is no such thing as free shipping! It’s a marketing ploy to make you want to buy something. We’ve tried it and don’t feel honest in doing it. By offering free shipping, every item must be priced to include the maximum cost of shipping a single item. Therefore you will pay extra if buying more than one item.

Take our basil pots for example… Free Shipping Pay for Shipping
Price of Basil Pot $14.99 $5.99 + $8.60* = $13.60
Price of 3 Basil Pots $44.97 $17.97 + $8.60* = $26.57
* Shipping cost are variable and can cost more or less of what the example states

We prefer to be honest and charge what we are charged for shipping. This allows you to buy more plants and pay less for shipping.

What are Starter Plugs?

Starter plugs are young plants grown in cells of soil that are as small as one cubic inch. These plants represent the starting point for growing mature plants from cuttings or seeds. They require close attention until the plants become established.