Ajuga, Chocolate Chip – 12oz Pot

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Ajuga plants are low maintenance, lovely plants. They sport low heights and beautiful flowers. Their leaves are Phyllotaxis opposite which gives  this plant an extra brilliant feature. The plant’s strong root system is also great for erosion control. This plant is primarily used as a ground cover but can be used under trees, on banks, down slopes, and in flower beds, but may overpower other plants.

Common Name: Bugleweed/Ground Pine/Carpet Bugle/Bugle

Scientific Background: Gorgeous Ajuga plants belong to the mint family Lamiaceae. Most of their species are native to Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe.

Scientific Name:  Ajuga

Blooms/Foliage: This is a unique variety of ajuga with relatively small, narrow leaves that weave a tight mat of dark chocolate foliage. You and your guests will love the rich colors of this plant’s foliage and blooms. This plant’s oval leaves feature a purple and green mixture giving it the name chocolate chip. The precious bloom of this plant showcases light blue petals.

Hardiness Zones: Ajuga plants grow best in warmer areas which recieve plenty of sun.

Growth Habit: Ajuga plants usually only grow a foot or less in height, but can grow from a foot to eighteen inches in width. They are an excellent ground covering plant.

Exposure: Ajuga plants can manage under part sun and full sun, allowing them to be planted in pretty much any area.

Water: Ajuga plants like enough water to keep their soil moist, but be careful not to overwater. Make sure the plants are well drained.

Spread: Ajuga plants should be spaced apart 12″-18″ when planting with others.

Soil: Ajuga plants should be planted in slightly acidic, humus soil, rich in organic matter.

Potential Handling Dangers: May cause very small skin irritation.

Potential Plant Dangers: Aphids are a common pest problem to Ajuga plants. drought, drowning, and edema, are also threats to the Ajuga plants. If crown is covered with soil or other substance, crown may start to rot.

Helpful Tips: Clip your flowers’ dead spots to provide better air circulation and help prevent stem diseases. Also regulate plant growth, because due to the plant relation to mint and their rapid growth, this plant could lead to invasion problems.

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    Plants were nice and in a cute little pink pot.

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    Can’t beat getting free items! The plants were healthy and nice size.

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    500 stars if I could, great seller and plants, best place to get them.

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    Nice Plants, Well Packed, Thank You

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