It is easier and probably much less expensive to buy and plant roses that are common, but when you purchase a few rare roses, it adds immense value to any garden or to any occasion. It makes the experience more authentic. The most popular rose is, of course, the red rose, as it conveys the message of devotion, love and respect, but will it not mean so much more if you give someone or even show someone a unique, rare rose?

Many rare roses can be man-made. For example, black roses are made by intensifying the color of a very deep-red and many times you will find that people, in fact, use dyes on roses to give them different colors. You will not see black ones in nature and usually symbolize bereavement and death. You do find blue roses in nature, but to enhance this color, people usually take white roses and dye them. Blue roses are among the rarest, because the color is difficult to achieve. They are, however, some of the most visually pleasing ones and are seen in pop culture, music, television and theater productions. Purple roses are also extremely rare and symbolize enchantment and charm. They are made by mixing blue and red rose-hues. Taking care of rare roses is also no problem and requires little effort, because they merely need enough water and little exposure to harsh elements of nature.

There are countless types of rare roses that can make your garden unique and add individuality to your surroundings. For example, Oranges ‘n Lemons is a yellow and orange stripes rose with double blooms. It is vivid and gives off a mild fragrance. The Celebrity rose is classified as a hybrid tea rose with a yellow color and fruity fragrance. Another rare hybrid tea rose is the Bride’s Dream. This rose has a delicate pink color, a mild rose fragrance and very large blooms. Some shops will refer to it as either the Marchenkoningin or the Fairy Tale Queen due to its “royal” appearance. Another member of the royal rose family is the Diana, Princess of Wales, a rose with different shades of pink and a sweet tea-rose fragrance. This rose needs protection in winter, just like the Brigadoon, an elegant pink and white rose with a mild and almost spicy scent. This rose is for the adventure spirited.

For the playful heart, there is the Topsy-Turvy, a dark red or white and red floribunda with an eye-popping firecracker shape when it is opened. The fragrance contains elements of apple. More rare and beautiful rose types include Madame Louis Lévêque, which is a deep pink moss rose. This one blooms throughout the season. You can also find the Joseph’s Coat, which, being true to its name, is a colorful red and orange rose equipped with thorns. The mister Lincoln, on the other hand, is a big and bright red hybrid tea with a very strong fragrance.