Decorating and Gardening Converge With Planter Boxes and Pots

1. Practical Matters Some of the main reasons that stand out are as follows. Containers can be moved as most appropriate and needed; some are even on wheels, and they come in all sizes. Furthermore, they are increasingly made of sturdy lightweight modern materials. Best of all you can readily move them away from areas […]

3 Tips For Having More Tulips Bloom in the Spring

Some Cool Facts About Tulips Tulips have been around since approximately 1554 making them one of the oldest garden perennials. Visitors from the Ottoman Empire to Europe wore tulips in their turbans. The tulip flower means lale in Arabic and is considered a holy symbol. Between 1634 and 1637 tulips almost crashed the Dutch economy […]

Outdoor Planter Boxes for Highlighting The Landscape

Outdoor planter boxes can be used for highlighting a landscape, garden, patio, balcony and the inside of your home. Outdoor planter boxes are generally used in a container garden to grow flowers, vegetables, or herbs. Most of these containers are constructed of weather resistant materials that will withstand the outdoor elements. Wood outdoor garden boxes […]

Garden Shrubs for Different Seasons of the Year

Shrubs are a useful asset to any garden. They add height and architectural interest. Evergreen shrubs added to herbaceous borders can give substance to a border and hold interest during winter months when most perennials die down. For the most part they are hardy and easy to maintain, requiring little pruning, and long lived. Here […]

Simple Ways to Take Care of the Flower Garden

Flower gardens are extremely wonderful to look at. More so if you are the one who is taking care of the flower garden – it will truly be one relaxing experience to see all your hard work in full bloom. So, for those who have tried in vain to get their flower garden in tip-top […]

Growing Garden Herbs As a Hobby

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” If you are an herbalist, “healthy” might be your answer. There are all kinds of hobbies a person can pursue; skydiving, goat roping, bungee jumping, and the list goes on. If you are more in mind of developing one that is safer, growing garden herbs might […]

Garden Decor Ideas That You Cannot Get Enough Of

With most of us living in concrete jungles, having a garden in your home can be considered nothing short of lucky! From a small flowerbed to a large lush green space, there is a lot you can do with your garden that helps put your own personal stamp on it. From installing garden ornaments to […]